Wellness. Rejuvenation. Enjoyment. Peace. Time out. Relaxation.

Steam cubicles

The steam bath is an alternative to the sauna, temperatures from approx. 40° to max. 60°. The moist warmth and the high humidity frees respiritory passages, opens skin pores and promotes perspiration. The body detoxes gently.

Temperature: 41° C

Finnish sauna

The finnish sauna is the most traditional form of sauna. Alternate between perspiring and cooling down. Positive effects are increased circulation, detoxing, relaxation.

Temperature small sauna: 66° C

Temperature large sauna: 88° C


Relax alone or together in one of our
2 freshwater whirlpools.

After a long strenuous day enjoy a well earned
wellness and feel good session.


A solarium is a device radiating 
UV light.

You experience warmth, well-being and tanned
skin, regardless of the weather.

Kneipp pool


„Escape every day life for a short eternity...“

The human body tells the story of its life.
The tension and pressure of every day life
takes its toll. 

Treat yourself with a short time out.
Mind, body and soul will thank you for it
with a new freshness and vitality.


Our masseuse, Felix, is here for
you from the beginning of October to the end of April.

During the remaining months massages
are available on request.


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