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Rafting - Hotel der "Rindererhof" EN


Rafting in Mayrhofen - Zillertal - Inntal

The Zillertal has rafting tours directly on the Ziller river close to Mayrhofen.

The rafting tour on the Ziller has been a popular outdoor program for many years with our summer guests, fun in the water right at the front door, so to speak!


Rafting tours

Rafting - Ziller

The Ziller rafting tour begins in Mayrhofen and is ideal for the whole family, suitable for adults and children. Maximum fun without lengthy transfers, the perfect first timers tour.

Rafting - Imster Schlucht

This popular, adventurous rafting tour on the Inn river takes 2 hours and entails relaxed sections for group fun, plus spectacular rapids, where pulses are rapid too!